Whether you've been an agent for 20 years, or if you've been thinking about obtaining a license, we would like to talk with you! We offer a strong training program that includes classroom and field training with experienced, successful managers.



With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day, opportunities in the senior market are expanding at an unprecedented rate. Our service-oriented approach can help you increase your income potential while helping seniors protect their health and overall financial well-being.

We are currently looking for licensed agents interested in Medicare Advantage, supplements, and health-related product sales to represent highly-rated and nationally-recognized carriers.

Medicare Medicaid Advisors is one of the leading insurance distribution agencies in the senior market. We offer growth opportunities to both captive agents and independent brokers through access to:

  • Insurance carriers nationwide
  • A diverse portfolio including an array of Medicare Advantage and supplements
  • Year-round selling opportunities
  • A support team to provide you with the level of assistance you deserve
  • 100% high-quality leads
  • Competitive compensation package: commissions, incentive trips, renewal income
  • On-going product training and field training
  • Marketing support
  • State-of-the-art technology




We are looking for individuals who are:


  • Professional, driven, disciplined, resilient, and coachable
  • Licensed to sell health insurance or willing to obtain proper licensing
  • Outgoing and positive, and enjoy building relationships
  • In possession of a valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and vehicle insurance
  • Dynamic personality with an engaging telephone presence 


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More Testimonials from our Agents

If someone was looking for a career would you recommend MMA and if so why?

From Don M.....Yes, because the biggest problem for a new agent is finding business to write and being able to survive financially while waiting for business to be issued. With MMA you are given leads each week and advanced money when the application is turned in. No other organization does that!

From Susan J.....You can excel at your own pace, no matter your background or experience. You can have as much training as you need. You can work with a team that is very positive, has Christian values, believes in family first, and is having fun!

From Tom M.....MMA has impacted my life significantly. MMA has provided me with a stable income. Each week I can bring home money to pay bills and build a savings. The company has provided me a strategy and program that allows me to increase my income and save for my future. Most importantly MMA can be trusted to have my best interests at heart!

From Robin R.....Absolutely! I feel Like MMA is my extended family. They have been right beside me every step of the way! If I needed help with work or my personal life, MMA was there to help, MMA is like my family. 

Briefly describe your most memorable case where you believe made a big impact in someone's life:

From Scott M.....There are so many stories of the experiences I have had on a weekly basis that it is nearly impossible to name just one. The is one of things I love the most: I get to help, serve, and change people lives while I make a living. Who gets to do that? I met an 85 yr. old woman who had received notice that her Supplement Plan's premium had increased to $595 a month.....who can afford that on a fixed income?  She sees her doctor maybe three times a year. After helping her, she will now only pay $30 a year!

From Donna D.....My Client was getting chemo treatments for breast cancer. She was paying her part B premium and paying full price for prescriptions. I enrolled her on a plan that reduced her premium from $25 a month to $0. I identified that she qualified for LIS extra help. She eventually received a refund for 6 months of her Part B premium. With the money she was refunded and saved she purchased a vehicle and took a road trip to visit her sister that she had not seen for many years. Carol was 59 years old when she died; but I know I helped make the last two years of her life better!

From Merrie T.....I met a gentleman who was a referral over a year ago. He was on Original Medicare only & had never heard of anything else to help with the client 20% copay except expensive Medigap plans which he could not afford. Despite a pain in his back he said he felt fine. He didn't go to the doctor or get his pain medicine often because he couldn't afford it. I educated him about Part C & Part D and helped him obtain those benefits. Also, I enrolled him for Extra Help with his prescriptions all at $0 copays. He went to the doctor a couple weeks later because the back pain was so bad. They discovered a tumor on his spine which led to many more tests. Those tests uncovered multiple cancers and a few months later he passed away. He'll always have a special place in my heart. I will always think if only he knew about all of the Medicare benefits available to him and was able to get medical treatment sooner. He may have had more time here with his family.




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For Agents interested in joining our organization:
Call toll free 1-800-810-3859 to speak with
National Recruiter Shelia Woods 

What We Do
Great Story, Great Example

From Jeanie P.....

I have a client that used her anniversary date to switch her Medicare Supplement in Missouri from one insurer to another. She saved $20 per month, making her Supplement payment $350 instead of $370 per month.

I could tell when listening and talking to her that her spirit was absolutely broken. I put down everything in my hands and just listened to her. Like so many of my rural clients, her husband had been a logger his whole life until he passed. She was drawing Social Security as a widow, receiving less than $750 a month. She was in her 70’s, and had just left her part-time job the month before due to her declining health. I looked at the premium on her Medicare Supplement and said, with tears welling up in my eyes, ”Honey, you can’t afford this.” She responded ”I know I can’t afford it, but I’m pretty sick with Diabetes.”

I wanted to know everything about her situation before I started helping her with her benefits. She was taking about 10 medications, but one pill was a $250 co-pay each month. Her two insulin prescriptions were $200 co-pay for each of them, and we still hadn’t looked at the other 7 medications, but all of her money was GONE for the month. Her pharmacy was also charging the full cash price for her diabetic testing supplies, which are covered at 100% under Medicare Part B. She started crying when I gave her a sample meter and 25 test strips to get her by until her first $0 co-pay order of her supplies arrived in a few days. She had been out of the test strips for a month.

I began the process to save her some money.  We applied for Missouri Rx which cut her prescription prices in half. We applied for Missouri Health Net, which she was granted. This paid for all her healthcare costs that Medicare did not cover. Missouri also started paying her Part B premium, saving her $105 a month. Boy, was she happy when she received a $315 refund from the State! We also applied for LIS/Extra Help through Social Security. Her $450 in diabetic medications went down to $10 per month, and for all 10 medications, she was paying $15 a month total. Finally, we enrolled her in a Medicare Advantage plan, with a premium of $3.60 a month. 

She went from spending all of her $750 Social Security check each month, to spending $18.60 each month for all of her health care.  She typically had to choose between health care and eating or paying her car insurance each month. I told her she didn’t have to worry any longer - she had me now and I’m always available to help. She was in tears when we were done.

I later enrolled her sister in all the same programs, and they kept me busy the rest of that week with their friends, relatives, and neighbors calling me for appointments. That’s what I love about what I do -  it’s always an adventure and I never know what will land in my hands! As long as you have faith in yourself and what you do, you will go from living to living abundantly and able to bless others with your knowledge and experience.