Our objective is to share our expertise in navigating state and federal programs by partnering together to enable individuals under guardianship to receive additional benefits and services at no added cost.

Who is MMA?

We’ve recognized the needs throughout our communities in the Medicare and Medicaid arena and have continued to reach out to those who need our help. We have partnered with over 800 Guardians, churches, service organizations, and food pantries throughout the states we work in. We have a dedicated team of licensed and certified insurance specialist who have a heart for serving our communities.

Many of the adults under guardianship are Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

Potential Additional Benefits Available (In select areas)

  • Comprehensive dental (dentures)
  • Vision coverage (glasses/contacts)
  • Hearing coverage (hearing aids)
  • Medical Transportation
  • Life alert “Help I’ve fallen”
  • Gym memberships
  • Monthly OTC (over the counter) credits
  • Healthy food/grocery cards
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Other quality of life benefits

MMA’s Customer Service

Our goal is to provide you with a totally “hands free” experience when dealing with your Wards health needs. We have set up an 800-phone number that is specific to you and your program. This will bump you to the front of the line whenever you or your Wards need assistance.

  • A dedicated Customer Service line
  • Real time availability and response
  • Team with a …” whatever you need we’ve got you covered” attitude.
  • Quick efficient answers to your questions

Ward Identifiers

  • Medicare
  • Medicare + Medicaid
  • Medicare + Prescription Drug Plan only
  • Medicare + paid premiums for dental, vision, hearing or medical
Contact Us to learn about

(913) 649.0300

(844) 649.0300 toll free

Dedicated Customer Service Line (844) 769 0330

Ready to See What We Can Do For You?

We are uniquely qualified to offer some of the best insurance products on the market, and we are constantly searching for ways to improve the services we offer. From Health Insurance to Life Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Plans to Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans, we work with our clients to identify their needs and find the plans that will work best for them.

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